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We create an additional value to event and conference organizers through NFC-based solution for ticket validation, real-time analytics and cashless payment. We want visitors to convey the message of the event far beyond its physical limits. Festomat believes in the future of contactless technology, in a world that is increasingly dominated by the endless possibilities of mobile phones and contactless solutions.

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Our solution relies on Near Field Communication that is more than just a technology.  NFC affects the way both businesses and consumers operate, communicate and make connections. NFC is one of the latest short-range wireless technologies. NFC offers an intuitive, simple and save communication between electronic devices. For instance, paying for services and products is simple as placing a mobile phone call.

Why NFC Is ideal for you

The ease of this technology has been long proven. Tests with mobile phones and cards with an integrated NFC tag have shown that making purchases, information exchange, paying for public transport and obtaining directions, can be done with just one movement. Simple, fast and safe.

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How does it work Technical stuff

Near Field Communication emerges when two NFC devices are held no more than a couple of centimeters apart. Users can simply hold their NFC device near to a NFC reader to make a payment. The NFC works at 13.5 MHz and is able to transfer data up to a speed of 424 Kbit per second. Since the transmission range is so limited, the NFC based transactions are completely safe. Thanks to NFC, wireless network platforms can be connected in a contactless and seamless manner and work together.

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