Festomat on Microsoft Windays conference

We invite all our clients, partners and friends to meet our team at the largest regional business and technology conference Microsoft WinDays konferencija that will be held from the 21st to the 24th April in Umag. The conference brings together more than 1,500 attendees from Croatia and the region, as well as the most prestigious international and regional speakers and lecturers from the world of business and Technology.

Like previous year, Festomat will support the conference with managing registration and attendance. This year, in cooperation with our partner, Festomat will introduce the first virtual conference currency called WinCoin. Stay tuned!





Festomat on TV news

Watch Festomat on Croatian central TV news show - Dnevnik (Nova TV).

Their coverage of Festomat story is yet another proof that our NFC event platform is successfully disrupting targeted markets, pushing its way towards mainstream usage. 

Who knows, maybe the next event you plan to visit will be "Powered by Festomat" as well!


Festomat in Forbes

Festomat is featured in Forbes as one of the most successful startups originating from Croatia! You can read about it in a 4 page article inside the February edition.

All the best in the 2014!

Our dear customers, partners, supporters and friends - we hope you will unfold new horizons and fulfill all of your wishes! All the best in the 2014!

Wild Card Winner

Festomat is one of the BgVF winners! In addition of winning THE BEST STARTUP award in ICT-II group, StartLabs Tech Accelerator also awarded Festomat with awesome WILD CARD award!

Knowledge sharing

Festomat at FI Info Session - Sharing practical information about entrepreneurship with the new generation of soon-to-be entrepreneurs. In Festomat, we strongly believe that knowledge sharing is always the right way. We wish them all the best in the future!

Pitch Clinic

We hope that you had a chance to meet Tyler Crowley at the Pitch Clinic. Tyler is Director of the Launch Festival.  Launch Festival used Festomat's NFC system to provide fast and secure tickets validation.

Only 0.17 seconds

Festomat's NFC is cheaper and more secure than other ticket protection methods. And it takes only 0.17 seconds to validate a ticket. Sounds good?

Red Dot Design award

Did you know that Festomat's Lead Designer, Marinko Murgic, has won the Red Dot Communication Design award? We are very proud of Marinko and his team!

Shift Conference

The Shift Conference will take its attendees into the heart of Split, Croatia which is a living 1700 year old palace located right on the coastline of the beautiful Adriatic sea, giving the event one of the most beautiful and historic venues on the planet, taking you back in time to show of the future of innovation.

Festomat at Shift

Shift consists of three major parts: the Shift Challenge, the Shift Conference and of course the best Parties at a startup event. 500+ international attendees, including entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers and designers, participating in workshops, keynotes and much more. Reserve your ticket here.

Festomat at ZIP Showcase

CRANE, Embassy of Israel in Croatia and ZIP join venture brought legendary Dr. Eli Opper to Zagreb. Festomat team was also there! Like there was any chance we would miss this great opportunity.

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